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Eagles Post Season Rundown

Posted on: April 26, 2009 8:46 pm
Edited on: April 26, 2009 8:48 pm
This is something i wrote eariler on an Eagles board, threw it on hear. Ill make changes as they come.

Alright, hand down this is the best draft weekend for the Eagles in several years. Us fans have been saying that we believe the front office and Reid would do the right thing and they have. Heres the rundown for this weekend so far.

First round
Jeremy Maclin-WR
(Jason Peters )- since we gave up our 28th pick in the first round you HAVE to include him.

LeSean (Shady) McCoy-RB

Cornelius Ingram-TE
Victor Harris-CB
Fenuki Tupou -Oline

Brandon Gibson-WR


Paul Fanaika-O Gurad
Moise Fokou- LB

These picks have been incredible for the Eagles.

Maclin is a versitile Wide Out that can play oppisite DeSean Jackson . Their combined speed will allow for quick slant passed and blistering speed down the field which means plenty of passes from McNabb. Maclin can also take pressure off of Jackson on returns if need be. All around great pick.

Shady McCoy is another very good pickup. He is able to catch the ball if need be, and can be explosive out of the backfield and through tackles. He can learn alot from Westbrook and i expect him to be in for tough short yard situations along with Leonard Weaver to power though. McCoy may have a bright future for the Eagles

Eagles got another steal with Cornelius Ingram from the Gators. He was hurt his season season, but was an aggressive Tight End with a high amount of passes. If anything he will need to work on blocking, but he seems like a gymrat and someone who is looking to improve.

Tupou is an tall physical offensive lineman from Oregon at an eye poping 6-6, 314 pounds which fits perfectly into the physical aspect of the current Oline. He will be a solid backup for most of the line, and will eventually fit into his own spot.

Harris is going to be thrown into the Corner Back mix for the Eagles, and boy is it going to be exciting. Asante, Hobbs, Hanson, and Sheldon are all great CBs who can teach 'Macho' Harris into becoming a strong back, and the possibility is there for him to move to Safty down the road. only concern is that our CBs are all realatively on the short end which KILLED them versus Larry Fitzgerald .

Finally Gibson from Washington State, looking quickyl at some clips, he looks like he can catch any ball thrown his direction, with quick cuts but not as explosive or fast. Hes listen at 6-1, and early talk is he could work under the D within acouple yards of L.O.S. and in the redzone.

The Eagles added two huge offensive linemen with Stacy Andrews and Jason Peters, which brings the offensive line to an average height of 6-5 and a total of 1668 pounds protecting Donovan McNabb . The Eagles Added some solid safties to help get some depth in the safty situation with Sean Jones and Rashad Baker . Jim Johnson is licking his chops right now. He has SO much to work with this offseason. Our Defense is look very very solid. Also, when you add 3 key weapons with Maclin, McCoy, and Ingram who can all impact the the Eagles offense ASAP. McNabb must have been very excited to see the addition of these players for him to involve next season, this will surely be the offense to stop in the NFC East if not in the NFC itself.

terrific moves, picks and trade by the Eagles this offseason all around. Best offseason by the Eagles in several years. A+.

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Posted on: May 4, 2009 5:23 pm

Eagles Post Season Rundown

I couldn't agree more. This was the best off season and draft the Eagles have had in a DECADE!!! I know I am Bias but I really can't see how opposing DEF. are going to cover all the weapons we are going to put out there. Not to mention the impact new players like Hobbs and Macklin are going to have on our special teams. I haven't been this high on our team since we add Kearse and that basterd T.O..

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