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Eagles Post Season Rundown

This is something i wrote eariler on an Eagles board, threw it on hear. Ill make changes as they come.

Alright, hand down this is the best draft weekend for the Eagles in several years. Us fans have been saying that we believe the front office and Reid would do the right thing and they have. Heres the rundown for this weekend so far.

First round
Jeremy Maclin-WR
(Jason Peters )- since we gave up our 28th pick in the first round you HAVE to include him.

LeSean (Shady) McCoy-RB

Cornelius Ingram-TE
Victor Harris-CB
Fenuki Tupou -Oline

Brandon Gibson-WR


Paul Fanaika-O Gurad
Moise Fokou- LB

These picks have been incredible for the Eagles.

Maclin is a versitile Wide Out that can play oppisite DeSean Jackson . Their combined speed will allow for quick slant passed and blistering speed down the field which means plenty of passes from McNabb. Maclin can also take pressure off of Jackson on returns if need be. All around great pick.

Shady McCoy is another very good pickup. He is able to catch the ball if need be, and can be explosive out of the backfield and through tackles. He can learn alot from Westbrook and i expect him to be in for tough short yard situations along with Leonard Weaver to power though. McCoy may have a bright future for the Eagles

Eagles got another steal with Cornelius Ingram from the Gators. He was hurt his season season, but was an aggressive Tight End with a high amount of passes. If anything he will need to work on blocking, but he seems like a gymrat and someone who is looking to improve.

Tupou is an tall physical offensive lineman from Oregon at an eye poping 6-6, 314 pounds which fits perfectly into the physical aspect of the current Oline. He will be a solid backup for most of the line, and will eventually fit into his own spot.

Harris is going to be thrown into the Corner Back mix for the Eagles, and boy is it going to be exciting. Asante, Hobbs, Hanson, and Sheldon are all great CBs who can teach 'Macho' Harris into becoming a strong back, and the possibility is there for him to move to Safty down the road. only concern is that our CBs are all realatively on the short end which KILLED them versus Larry Fitzgerald .

Finally Gibson from Washington State, looking quickyl at some clips, he looks like he can catch any ball thrown his direction, with quick cuts but not as explosive or fast. Hes listen at 6-1, and early talk is he could work under the D within acouple yards of L.O.S. and in the redzone.

The Eagles added two huge offensive linemen with Stacy Andrews and Jason Peters, which brings the offensive line to an average height of 6-5 and a total of 1668 pounds protecting Donovan McNabb . The Eagles Added some solid safties to help get some depth in the safty situation with Sean Jones and Rashad Baker . Jim Johnson is licking his chops right now. He has SO much to work with this offseason. Our Defense is look very very solid. Also, when you add 3 key weapons with Maclin, McCoy, and Ingram who can all impact the the Eagles offense ASAP. McNabb must have been very excited to see the addition of these players for him to involve next season, this will surely be the offense to stop in the NFC East if not in the NFC itself.

terrific moves, picks and trade by the Eagles this offseason all around. Best offseason by the Eagles in several years. A+.

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Eagles Postseason Needs

Now that post-season is in full swing, and the NFC Championship loss in the rear view mirror, i think the Eagles have some very big questions to address this offseason.

The First key item, Donovan McNabb. There has been some speculation recently that McNabb and his agent have begun talks with the team on possibly extening his contract. As a Eagles fan, you have to love this move. I will be the first fan to tell you without Donovan this team is nothing. We would not function. Suring up his contract mean another happy, loose fun Mcnabb, and when hes having fun, hes making good choices, which means winning games. He runs the offense, and next to Dawkins is the emotional leader on the team. He has the most experience on the offense, and knows what needs to be done. Hes healthy, hes motivated, and he wants to bring a championship to Philadelphia and the Eagles Fans. but, whats more important behind that, is that Kevin Kolb is nowhere near ready to get the starting call, he cant accurately read the opposing defenses yet, he showed it in the games he played in 3 i believe, and he threw 4 total interceptions, no touchdowns, and his longest completed pass was only 16 yards. so signing McNabb to a couple more years, keeps their postseason hopes alive, and gets Kolb more critical learning time. Look at Aaron Rogers, he had a good season after numerous years behind Brett, and then came out and performed.

Second, address the redzone problem. Im not sure exactly what the eagles redzone numbers were, but i do know they weren't good. David Akers gave us alot of Feild Goals in the redzone because the offense couldn't convert, 32 total made feild goals for akers. Theres acouple directions the Eagles can go to fix this problem. The first way to help, is draft a high catch Tight End (which is was experts are predicting them to do with either of their 2 first round picks). A majority of the mock drafts ive seen, have them selecting Brandon Pettigrew from Oklahoma St. He has good hands, bold target for QBs, and enjoys and is good at the rush block. fits perfect for what the eagles need.

Another possible solution, thats been heard the past couple weeks, is the aquisition or trade for T.J. Houshmandzadeh. You cannot argue with him going to philly. He made 51 1st down catches last semester, and due to the lack of QB skill for the Bengals, he only had 4TDs. However, the previous 3 years, he had 12, 9, and 7 catches, and thats alongside Chad Ocho Cinco. He would give McNabb a tall reciever to lobb a pass to in the endzone, as well as a great small yard gain guy. TJ could be the sure catch guy, which would open DeSean Jackson or Kevin Curtis down the feild for deep balls, a critical 1-2 punch.

While farfectched, its also possible that Anquan Boldin could come in and be a top WR in philly, what he wants to be. The eagles do have two first round picks(and alot of picks in later rounds), so they can afford to trade one, and they have a talented CB in Sheppard who could start for many other teams, but isnt for the Eagles. I would love to have Boldin, take him away from the competition of Fitzgerald and he will calm down, he is nowhere near as bad as TO.

One reviver that could possibly be on the market as well (who i like more than Anquan) is Marvin Harrison. He and McNabb have a small Syracuse connection, and i think there could be some chemistry between them. yes Harrison is alittle on the old side, but he has plenty of experience and he is a classic guy. he could improve the recievers around him just by being there. He still has gas in the tank, and he could spread his knowledge on the young guys. He has great hands and was eclipsed in Indy by Reggie Wanye. Harrison is another sure catch, short-mid range WR, who could fit the Eagles game well. I wouldn't mind seeing him in green.

There is some running back situations. Well, the rushing game has hurt the eagles, and it showed this season. The Eagles are a passing team, but you need to stay multi-functional and take some pressure off McNabb. Philly really needs a tough 3rd and 2 back, who can ram the ball up the gut. Im not sure of any free agents that have that capability, so i think the eagles are stuck. One interesting RB move ive seen recently from numerous mockdrafts is the Eagles selecting Chris Wells from Ohio St. They could pick up Wells and use him as a solid back, possibly using Buckhalter in a trade in the future. He could serve as a replacement for when Westbrook leaves, setting up a great back for the future. Keep in mind also, that Derrick Ward wants spotlight on his own team. Westbrook has acouple more years in him, but the eagles need a rough and tough, up the gut back. They could also use some additional young OL to backup and learn from our current guys. Jon Runyan is getting growing old, and hes going to have surgery which will keep him out 4-6 months(and i think his contracts up?), so there should be positions opening soon after him if he isn't back next year.The eagles offense relys on a solid, strong offensive line.Look for them to draft an OL early in the draft.

The Eagles Defense was solid this year, one of the best in the past 5 years. Bradley was ontop of the Defensive books all year, and they need to make sure nothing happens to him. The eagles in my opinion can play loosey-goosey on defense this year, i think they should try some new things, and make some minor chances, but in my opinion, don't fix what ain't broke. only things that worried me last year, was how easily Larry Fitzgerald ran all over the D, but that just comes down to defensive schems.

Big picture for the defense, BRING BACK DAWKINS. not only was he the emotional leader for this team, but he can still lay a hit on any reciever, and on top of it, wants to win a superbowl for philadelphia just as bad as Donovan. Let him go, and they lose the focal point of the defense.

Any other thoughts on possible moves or aquisitions? how about draft picks?

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New Community Settings Pointless

What is CBS doing to this community site? I cannot believe what is going on. We can no long see what others have rated our material, which was very helpful. I found that to be one of the best features. The Ratings are all messed up now, for some reason i dropped from a 99 to what i 94 in a matter of hours? what! and over the past couple days my Value has absolutely plummeted to almost a 40. I dont know what there doing but it is really taking away goods this site had. Nothing was wrong before.

I felt that there was nothing wrong with the site before hand. Everything was fine. They should stick with the saying, 'If it Ain't broke, dont fix it. Common CBSsports. Lets see these changes reversed. Who agrees?

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Baseballs Black Plague

Acouple hundred years ago, it was rats, who spread the black plague throughout europe infesting boats, citys, and countires. eventually after it had done its damage, it died down, but after terrible damage.

Baseball is in the middle of it's own Black Plague. Brought about not by rats, but by players and trainers wanting to gain an edge. Steroids have slowly started to infect baseball till the past 3 years, where it has begun a full blow infestation, in easily one of the most shamefull period in the sports history.

From the start, Canseco, Sosa and McGwrie to Bonds, Palmero, Pettitte and Clemons, those affected by steroids keeps growing. On the eve of Bonds court hearings, the baseball world is once again rocked as Sports Illustrated reports that Alex Rodriguez reported tested positive for 2 anabolic steroids only a handful of years ago(when there was no penalty). If this proves true, some of the top bats to play all may end up having the dreaded * next to them. All of those years before steriods, players would simply train harder, work longer, take more reps in practice to become a better player, and now that has come down to simple pills or a shot. What kinda of an example is it for the kids playing baseball in the park and backyards, as more and more high profile players are being picked off in books or by congress, as alleged users of steriods. The chance of this getting better any time soon, is hopeless, only more names should arise, more tests to be revealed, and more players careers to be ruined.

Its the black era of baseball, and its only going to get worse. All baseball fans should be effected, whether you like them or not, its never good to see a players career go down the drain. It's just a shame baseball, and winning and championships has come down to such a sad state. Pro baseballs founding fathers are looking down in shame of what the sport has become.

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Did the Super Bowl Dissapoint?

Theres alot of opinions about how Super Bowl 43. To my surprise people are haling it as "One of the Best" to quote i believe Chris Berman on a post game show on ESPN. My response, did he watch the same game i did?

This was a historical win, with tons of records broken, Kurt Warner holds the top 3 most Passing yards in a super bowl, the most passing yards in post season career, the most career post season TDs and more. Larry has the most recieveing yards in post season history. those i can name off the top of my head, along with Harrisons 100yard Int TD longest in bowl history, But was this game REALLY the best game to watch?

Both teams did not play nearly as good as the could have. Both teams only ran the ball for a combined 34 times if you take out QB scrambles. 34 times for right around 90 yards. What happend to the Running Back Game Breakers we heard all week about? that each team needs to 'establish the run game'. Big Ben and Warner both said the same thing. Warner threw 43 times for 377 yards and Ben threw 30 times for 256. in my opinion it was a passing slugfest. 256 passing yards for big Ben is above is average, and believe it or not so is 377 for Warner. Each team only had 2 sacks! what about that steel curtain i heard all week about, where was that egar Cardinals d-line?  I didn't see balance on either team, and i felt that some teams that had already been knocked out of the playoffs could have won.

The Super Bowl is supposed to anser the question who the best team is, and from watching that game i think its safe to say in wasnt the Cardinals, and possibly not the Steelers, but i can't but the blame on the teams really.

The Referees ruined this game for me, more than the play. Too many times did i see a yellow flag fly up into the air (usually came in consecutive pairs by the way), and interupt the game. I believe the Yellow Flag ratio, Cardinals to Steelers was around 4-5:1, so not only were they're alot of penalties, they were very one sided. Im not saying the Steelers wouldn't have won had they been called as many times as the Cards but, I don't believe the game was called fairly, and i do hate to say it.

The Cardinals faced 2 First and 20s, one was clearly a bad call, the other was debateable. They also incorrectly called Warners forward pass a "fumble". His hand was 'moving forward' when the ball came out, by definition that is a incomplete pass. The chop-block call was also questionable. I feel like the referees actual tried too hard to call a fair game. The were leanient with the steelers and more harsh with the Cards. But im not saying the steelers won because of it. They won on thier terms. they two also had some bad calls aginst them, and thats what im saying. The refs did not just 'let them play the game'.

Thats just my opinion but thats how i felt as a neutral audience, having the Cards knock my team out of the playoffs, and disliking the in state steeler rivals.

If you get rid of the first 55 minutes or so, (except 2 big plays), then i could say this was an epic game, the final couple drives were amazing, but at alot of points it just want enjoyable for a neutral audience to watch.

congrads steelers, and sorry cards

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Stop hatin, or Shut Up

Within the past month or so, they have been plenty of stories and articles dealing with the New York Yankees. From the New Stadium to Free Agent signings, they're have been alot. But with all of those articles, are dozens and dozens of threads and posts full of people with nothing better to do than hate on the Yankees.

That really gets annoying. I would love for their to be one article written here, that didn't have 50 threads about how the Yankees are "Ruining Baseball", "Buying a Championship", "Taking peoples money" and "Smell bad".

Let me say this. If your NOT a Yankees fan...then i rarely want to hear your opinion about Yankee news, because it is the same stuff, over and over.

First off, the Yankees aren't "buying" a Championship people. In the past 5-6 years the Yanks have made off season pick ups, some worth big bucks, so thats where the "buying" part comes in, BUT the championship part is missing. The Yankees havent WON a championship since 2000! WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT THE YANKEES PAYING PLAYERS! if anything us Yankee fans should be furious. but most of us have more dignity than that. Whats wrong with picking up guys to better your team? nothing. if you want to win you want to win. the yankees just want to give their fans a winning team. The Steinbrenners by the way people are by FAR not the most wealthiest owners in the MLB, and thier pockets that everyone thinks are limitless are not. quit bashing the yankees for picking up guys, other teams are picking up players too, i dont care about how much they spend, or how little. No ones opposing a salary cap, and i dont think i've ever heard a Yankee fan that said they were.

I dont think the Yankees or Yankee Fans have ever bashed, or beaten, or consideribly bullied around anyone except for the Red Sox, so why does everyone else feel like they need to?

So, with that said, i agree with Stephen A. Smith. "Let people hate the Yankees, I think we should go out and spend more money." The Yankees, the Evil Empire of Baseball! with that said, hate all you want people, but when it comes down to it, the Yankees have 26 world championships, and your team has a fraction of that all from the past, not the present, the present you say is being bought. so why complain?


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Any Chance for Success?

As my first blog, i think ill pose the question...Whats the possibility that one of my favorite teams, will have a successful season, reaching some sort of playoff?

We'll start off easy,the Yankees, they failed, already lost and didn't come close to this years postseason, i can only hope that  Brain 'Cash'man does a good job at getting us some help in our starting rotation *cough* C.C. *cough*. I'll follow up with more blogs about the Yankees off season.

How about the Eagles? well, once again they LOOK like a potential team, they can play ball, but i'll face the facts and say we have a history of getting hurt down the road, missing the playoffs or losing the big games. If our offense can find its ground, our defense can play consistent ball, and we stay healthy, i believe the Eagles can make a run at the playoffs. Right now, it looks like the Eagles can compete for the NFC Wild card, but who knows!? With how the NFC East has been this year, its anyone's guess who'll come out on top. but you have to give an edge to the Giants

The season just started for the Nets, but can they find success? my answer, i don't think so. The Nets in my opinion are on the down side, trying to fill in player spots and give the younger guys some experience. Carter can help the young guys. Josh Boone can be a big success if he finds himself and has a good season. They can be good, but playoff good? i'm not expecting it. but i'll leave it open...after all it is the Eastern Conference.

The Carolina Hurricanes REALLY let me down last season. They had the Post season in they're sights, only having to win 3 of the last 5 games if i recall, and blow the last one to Florida! Not cool Carolina. This is a new season, with new expectations. I expect to be atop the Southeast Division this year. With Brind'Amour, Staal, and Whitney all looking to have good seasons, i believe i have the right to say that. This is a strong team starting 6-3-2 this season after they're win tonight over Toronato, and i may be optimestic, but this could be a very good season...or then again a letdown.

Finally, the North Carolina Tar Heels. Footballs season has had good run, good turnaround for a team who had over 50% of its last year starters comming in for their first year. Now theyre sophmores, and are egar to win. They gave it a good run, being in the APs top 25 for 2 weeks untill a lost to UVA brought them back. They still have a chance at the ACC title, and maybe even a cheesey bowl game, but considering recent years, im more than happy with that. T.J. Yates, Shaun Draughn, and Hakeem Nicks should all be back next year as a terrific offensive tri.

UNC mens basketball? simple, NCAA Championship or bust. This is the year that it needs to get done. Kansas isnt as strong, Ucla isnt as strong, Georgetown isn't as strong, you name um, not many have the same talent as last year. UNC has the tools, they came close and broke fans hopes in the final last april, they can't make it two in a row.
i know thats thinking highly, and right now very far off, but they need to compensate for last years debacle final with a win in this years championship....end of disscussion.
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